Writer's Block is Made Up

The irony is, I had trouble finding a way to start this post. It didn't seem to want to come. But of course, in the back of my mind I was thinking I really do want to write something - if only to stretch that muscle. writing-at-starbucks.jpg Immediately this was followed by negative thoughts about whether or not it even matters to keep writing, to join in the chorus sounded by millions of people spurting out personal stories no the internet. (Oooooo or my favourite all time negative thought that I got from "The Cult of the Amateur" in which the author (who will remain nameless) blames bloggers like me for filling our culture with unfiltered noise.

And although I'm not a Seinfeld fan, the next thought, I have to thank him for.

Recently Jerry consented to do one of those Reddit Ask Me Anything interviews and someone asked him, "How do you deal with writer's block?"

His answer?

"Writer's block is a phoney made up, BS excuse for not doing your work."

And I have to admit that I kinda agree with him. All those excuses aren't coming from anyone but yourself. And I think we forget, it takes work to be a creative sort of person. It's a struggle everyday in a world where anything and everything can be creative: social media helps us with that. And sure. 90% of what I put together, the chances of me appreciating it beyond that moment are pretty slim. But there's a 10% that I'm really proud of. And wouldn't it be a shame if I didn't write it down.

So it would be easy to say "I don't need to write today."

I could just close the empty blinking Wordpress screen and get on with my day.

But you gotta remember, for every hour you put into creating something, you get a sliver of a breakthrough. It's a relentless pursuit this online world of writing and doing. But you can't give it up if your love for it all started with a little voice inside that says:

"Hey, I should write something today."

Because, if you don't? Well that's just being lazy. After all, there's always something to write about.

How do you beat writer's block? Do you blog to stretch your creative muscle?