So is Gangnam Style the New Macarena?

So last week I'm standing in line to get my student card. I've brought a book to read during the 40 minute (plus) wait. I'm surrounded by other under-graduate and graduate students... and I'm about to LOOSE it on a guy standing about 10-15 people behind me. While most of us are standing patiently, either alone or making conversation with a friend standing next to us, this is the guy, listening to obnoxious rap with external speakers - yet he's still got earphones in, so his conversation voice is, less conversational, more yelling. I'm about 2 seconds shy of turning around and giving him my best ever "teacher" glare when I tune into what he's saying:

"No -no DUDE, wait.. this is my favourite part coming up - no seriously this part has to be the best - just hear me out.... wait for it, WAIT FOR IT: "ya ya SUCK MY DRAGON BALLS."

What would you have done?

Do you know it took every ounce of my "don't- start- trouble-try- to -empathize- with- the- stranger" internal lecture? (It goes something like: "everyone else hates him too, he's just seeking attention, feel sorry for him. Besides he'll probably make you cry if you tell him to turn his music down."

But wait. It gets better.

Earlier this summer Mike showed me this video that had 4,000,000 hits. I was like cringing (but slightly actually enjoying) it while it streamed all the way from Korea into my living room on YouTube. It was of course what we all have come to know as "Gangnam Style." About a week after it played I still hadn't seen it "shared" on any form of social media, and so we placed a bit of a bet as to when it would just reach that "Viral" point (as if 4 million views wasn't already viral).

Enter "Dragon" Douche bag:

As soon as the first obnoxious rap song ends I hear him explaining to his friend. "No dude, it's this crazy new dance... it's like this Chinese guy.. ya it's so sick. Watch I'll show you the dance."

So then he proceeds to blast Gangnam Style while I'm vomiting a bit waiting in line for my student card.

So it didn't take too long. That was a week ago and he was talking about the Gangnam Style phenomenon like it was "new" news. This morning I saw a guy wearing a crisp T-shirt on the train: "Keep Calm and Gangnam Style." Obviously a play on the whole "Keep Calm and Carry On."

So what I'm wondering is this: 

Did the late twenty-somethings of the "Macarena generation" hate the Macarena to the extent that I'm bound to eventually despise Gangnam style?

You remember the Macarena right?


It was played at EVERY public school through high school dance I attended. It involved a lot of hand to shoulder to torso movements, and then repeated continuously towards all corners of the room. I distinctly remember my cousins weddings I attended while in my teens, and I'm certain the Macarena was on their DO NOT PLAY LIST.  When I get married will it be a similar thing? "Under NO circumstances, even in the case of death, requests from my grandmother, GREAT grandmother OR the POPE, may you play Gangnam Style at my wedding." Will this be something I say to a DJ  at some point in my life?

And why must a generation have a dance?

There was the YMCA.

There was The Chicken Dance.

There was the Macarena.

And dare I say it folks, are we at a point of a new Pop Culture Revolution?! GASP.

Is Gangnam Style THE NEW MACARENA?

Like if the guy in the line had broke out into the Foxtrot, or the Canasta I'm certain other people in the line up may have joined along- you know, because these are two examples of old fashioned friendly dances.Or even Square dancing for crying out loud. Anything that didn't scream: Look at me, I want to be the centre of attention. Instead I'm pretty sure there's going to be a viral you tube video of this dude titled: "GUY IN LINE UP SINGLEHANDEDLY  RUINS GANGNAM STYLE FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD." 

Because ya. I thought it was pretty catchy.. but man... now I just hear "Gangnam Dragon Balls."