NY State of Mind

This is what I've been day dreaming about today: Wouldn't it be wonderful to be a struggling writer in NYC?

No hear me out. Not for like all time.. but more like, for a year or so. Then I would return to reality.

Last December Mike and I took a 5 day trip to the big Apple - it was my first time visiting The City. In fact, I did not fall in love with it as you may assume, considering I've just "imaginarily" placed myself into writer's poverty in the name of "life experience."

There have been other random places (Regina Canada, Sommerset UK, South Western Ontario, Boston MA) which I have visited and I could see myself actually living in those locations (I wouldn't {live there} of course, but I could envision it).

When visiting NY it was different.  I declared that living in NY, (if indulged for a only a short stint), might help to make my life complete.

It kinda makes me feel a bit more determined to set off bravely into the year ahead.

I've been really scared about making this change in my lifestyle, i.e.,: full time work into full time studies. It's going to be so hard to leave what I've become used to, behind. I'm comfortable! I'm employed! I was doingjust fine!

But I think if this is what I'm daydreaming about,  I must be ready for a change of pace and scenery.