Take Me Here


i hate spring. here in ontario, spring is non-existant most years... in the past few years it seems like it will just get hot suddenly - and we're forced to wear summerish clothing when there's still snow on the ground. it's really disconcerting.

spring is the season that's supposed to ease you into summer... so when you don't get that long drawn out thaw that wakes you up from winter, you find yourself discombobulated by the end of may wondering "where did march and april go?"

either way it's a non issue because it's only the beginning of february (and neither spring NOR summer is around the corner), but for some reason this morning i found myself craving this type of landscape...


that's right. you heard me. i'm not thinking of the sunny beaches of the south, but rather the rough, scragly harsh looking moors of england.

in my opinion, the moors scream springtime. so maybe i'm craving a bit of grass... even if is is thin and the ground's bare underneath it.

i think i'm craving spring.