Oh What a Night

[gallery type="rectangular" link="none" ids="10498,10496,10495,10480,10497,10493,10494,10491,10487,10488,10492,10483,10486,10482,10481,10500,10501,10484"] I was nervous to have a bachelorette party. I've been to a couple but I was much younger and they were fun then but I was feeling a bit apprehensive that I'd feel too old for it all.

I was 15 at my sister's bachelorette party (... uuggggh no! that was 15 years ago!). It was about 2 weeks after I'd gotten over Mono and my mom was a bit worried about me staying up late. If she knew what the plans were, she might have been more nervous. They got me into a bar by calling ahead:

"No problem. We'll just give her an underage ID bracelet." (by the way, this would never happen in 2014.)

And so, before I was old enough to drink or vote, I got to see a drag queen show while sitting on a concrete floor of a Latino Salsa bar at one am. I'd never been in a bar until that point.

So this past weekend we took the train from Ottawa to Toronto. (side note: trains are amazing aren't they? I see why the Victorians loved them. I need more train travel in my life.)

It was such a good weekend!! I can't even really put it all into words, but it was just the best weekend. To hang out with such beautiful women - it felt like a gift to have all those pretty faces in one room.

We went to a women's only spa (clothing optional and so the group of us reverted to 8 year old tendencies and spent the entire 10 minutes in the steam sauna trying to suppress our laughter. Luckily it was easy to avoid eye contact because of all the steam.)

And there was a handsome piano player who took our requests at dinner. Mine was Van Morrison (Crazy Love), my oldest sister's: Elton John and the middle sister: Alison Krauss.

And my cousin. Can I just tell you about my cousin? She's this beacon of light inside and out.

She brought a bachelorette travelling road show and set up the hotel room - it was a pink display of glory - cupcakes and candy bar and food and drinks and a photo booth. Including an Indiana Jones hat that I want to steal for regular life.

When the night was over we'd closed "Boots and Burbon" down and my voice was hoarse from singing.

Girls weekends are good for the soul. I had a few people ask me why we didn't do a joint Bachelor/bachelorette party. This is why ^^^. Sometimes, it just needs to be you and the girls.

Getting home felt good though - especially when I saw that handsome devil waiting for me on the Train Station platform.

18 Days!!