There Was a Time Before We Were Married

wedding2 We were at dinner tonight and someone made reference to an event that happened at the beginning of August. "Oh yea. That was before we got married," I said.

"There was a time before we were married?" Mike said back.

It was meant as a joke of course. It hasn't even been a month yet. But it's just been such a whirlwind time in our lives. I'm in love with this time in our lives.

So. I just have to say for the the record. We planned our own entire wedding this summer - and much of the spring before that. And when I say we planned it I mean, every single detail, I mulled over. I don't mean "it was all me," I just mean: wow. We planned a wedding. And that's something I'm never gonna downplay because as it turns out - it's kinda a big deal to pull it off. Major event planning isn't just something you do. I mean, I thought about the big stuff - the small details, the food details. All the details. I laboured over colours and baskets and vases and supplies from craft stores. I made about 100 trips to Michaels and 50 more to Dollarama. It was a bit *much* at times. I mean I'll just come clean and fully admit to the complete meltdown I suffered in Ikea the wednesday before we got married. A vendor (who shall remain nameless because they are like Voldemort to me) completely left me high and dry. I'd fallen in love with these mercury glass candle holders and finally in May after months of searching, I found them for rent from a wedding decor supplier in the city. Obviously they fell through at the final hour, hence Mike standing there watching helplessly as I'm trying to lay out a mock-table set up in the candle and votive section of Ikea. Clearly nothing (at that moment) would be as good as the mercury glass I'd had my heart set on... which is why I was convinced that nothing in my life had ever gone right - and it all culminated in that moment in which I was being "forced" to purchase - gasp - Ikea votives that as I explained to Mike through tears "Everyone has."

He was just looking at me like I might break - or worse, smash the votive I was holding in that candle corner all over the concrete basement Ikea floor. It took about 45 minutes before I came around. But that's the one good thing about me. Once I make my mind up to get on with it, I do just that.

So we left that giant yellow and blue box, and I was smiling and I felt like basically there was nothing in the world that could wreck our wedding day. I was fairly certain it was going to be the best day of my life, mercury glass or no mercury glass. And that was my melt down moment in the time before we were married. I know it existed. It's just slipping further and further into my memory at this point. The good stuff that's left behind looks a bit like this:


Just two crazy kids about to say: this is us, forever, amen.wedding1

I posted a lot of my DIY project on my Instagram throughout the summer. I would normally say I have no crafty thumb, but I was genuinely happy with how things came together!DSC_0142 DSC_0148 DSC_0155 DSC_0145

My family and all the work they did. My daddy strung and lit up my sister's back-yard. It was the prettiest sight. DSC_0164

This picture kills me every time I look at it. "What do you mean stressed? No. I'm not stressed. I'm fine."

DSC_0165 DSC_0134 wedding19 DSC_0161 DSC_0172

Note the blue Ikea votives - the source of my pre-wedding melt-down. ^^DSC_0169

These girls. Florists when you want them to be. Best of friends. And family :)


And then before we knew it, it was the day of:weddingfamily treewedding7wedding3

wedding4 wedding8

^^ This was the morning of the wedding. Mike wrote me a "tiny binder" of big promises. It was pretty amazing.wedding6 wedding9 wedding10 wedding11 wedding14 wedding12 wedding15 wedding18 wedding16 wedding17 wedding30 wedding31 wedding34 wedding35 wedding36

I love, love, love looking at these pictures. They remind me of how excited I was. About how crazy beautiful this summer was. We were just so lucky to be supported by so many people. We couldn't have even come close to this day without their love and support. It was such an amazing, amazing day. More to follow!!wedding50

And this was a picture of the yard the weekend before the wedding ^^ That perfect summer lighting that just said in so many ways: you guys can be crazy and young and in love forever. xoxo